1001 Quick Story Ideas

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    468: Fictional Witch Match: Female Witches from Charmed, Harry Potter, Sabrina, and Supernatural end up in a desolate area where only one escapes: The one who can not get fucked, stripped, or humiliated.
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    469. Author Isekai
    Chyoa writers are transported into the worlds they created and are held accountable by their own characters for putting them in the situations they did.
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    LOL, I guess that would mean me being genderswapped and dommed in that case.
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    470: Lip Synch: Caroline finds the words coming from her mouth are not her own, and they are getting her into lots of trouble.
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    471: A group of adventurers are hired to kidnap a noblewoman in order to prevent a war. After capturing her they find not only does she not mind being kidnap but begins to make suggestions on how to better tie her up.

    472: After a deer plows through a clothesline a group of handmaidens hire an adventurer to recover there ladies undergarments last seen hanging from the horns of the deer. They are willing to do anything in return before their lady finds out.

    473: A group of bathing female adventurers find a nice stream to take a bath but their clothes are stolen by a group of goblins leaving the party in need of rescue.

    474: A doppleganger clones a female adventurer and the party is at a standoff as to who is the real one. The rouge suggest they both sleep with them to prove who is the real one knowing she never say no in real life. But when both say no it makes the matter worst for them and he suggest it again but this time saying which ever likes it the least has to be the real one and the one who enjoys it the doppleganger. Neither one trust him nor each other so as to ensure no one is cheating they agree to a threesome.
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    475. Dawn of the Omegaverse.

    Eighteen years after a global pandemic, the omega virus, swept the planet long term effects of the virus begin to manifest. Glands in the neck of those born to parents who had the omega virus become active once puberty stops, usually around 18-21 years of age. The glands either manifest as an omega gland or an alpha gland. Those born with an omega gland will be smaller and weaker, with males having smaller penises and developing breasts. Those with an alpha gland on the other hand are taller and stronger, males have larger than average penises and females clitorises grow larger, often to the size of a functional penis with undescended testes. Both types of glands emit pheramones that identifies them as alpha or omega when sexually aroused, massaged or in response to to pheramones of the opposite type of gland. Omegas feel the unresistable urge to submit to Alphas when in the presence of their pheramone, while Alphas have the opposite urge to dominate Omegas.
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    476: An elven bard ask you to acquire a g-string from a traveling merchant but misunderstandings arise.

    477: A young wizard experimenting with invisibility spell struggles to make an invisibility cloak as he can turn the cloak invisible but his lack in skill means that anything under the cloak is still visible. he soon finds other uses for the spell as he can turn the clothing people are wearing invisible.

    478: Same wizard fails to create a proper portal creating a portal no bigger then big enough to slip a coin through and that only goes so many feet at most but soon finds other uses for his peephole portal.
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