1001 Quick Story Ideas

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    496. Scum!. A fandom of the online survival game. In a dark AU high security prisoners are parachuted onto an abandoned island in eastern europe that was overrun by the infected from a virus that causes feral and violent behaviour similar to a zombie outbreak. Each prisoner has an implant surgically melded onto the back of their head allowing others to see through their eyes via satellite link. The remains of military bases are scattered across the island as are farms, villages and small towns that can be scavanged for weapons, food and resources. Will you find allies or enemies amongst the other violent prisoners marooned on the island.
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    ...And take control of their bodies, allowing gamers to use them as avatars in a battle royal FPS game.

    Happy Halloween.
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    That is a part of the lore I had not realised. Only been playing a week or two and just starting multiplayer on an RP server.
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    497: In order to increase tax revenue prostitution is legalized but highly regulated. Some women working as street hookers work for companies like Uber fucks while higher class women sell themselves out as time shares.
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    498: The Doppelgangers. Celebrities are kidnapped, and while held hostage, their doppelgangers go out and ruin their reputations in very erotic ways.
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    499: sASSquatch: A sasquatch has been captured. He has a huge cock, and scientists have programmed his mind to lust after anal sex. He's released into a wildlife preserve where Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Cardi B, and Nicki Minaj have also been released, wearing nothing but pasties and shoes. Their goal: make it from one side of the preserve to the other without being ass-raped by an 8 foot tall man-beast. Will there be alliance, betrayal, and catfights?
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    500: The broken key

    A bdsm artist is photographing herself and puts on a pair of handcuffs behind her back to get the shots she wants. When it comes to to unlock herself though she accidently snaps the key in the handcuff lock. Now she is forced to either phone a friend as best as she can manage or try and get help from her neighbor but ins't exactly dressed.
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    501: The Bimbofication of James T. Kirk by the Logical Mr. Spock

    Kirk's rampaging libido has endangered the Enterprise and its mission, so Spock has come up with a logical solution: the captain will be guided toward a form and manners more befitting of their lustful ways. With the unwitting assistance of Doctor McCoy and the rest of the crew, the Vulcan will mold Jamie Kirk into a model bimbo.
  9. RicoLouis

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    502: Roped into It.
    The tale of how I was pulled into the world of bondage and domination.

    503: The ties that bind.
    A tale of siblings exploring bondage play.

    504: Tying the knot
    A bondage honeymoon story.

    505: On the ropes
    In a women boxing league the action going on in the training room can be more intense then in the ring when a seasoned pro takes a new rookie under her wing and decides to show her the ropes.

    506: Tying up loose ends
    A couple decided to explore bondage after a few years being separated to see if they can kindel old flames.

    507: Bound by Duty
    A World War 2 tale of bondage in southern France as the french resistance implores new ways of gathering information.

    508: A Slave to Fashion
    A tall of silk scarves, satin shawls, and what goes on at the fashion studio after hours in the world of modeling and fashion design.

    509: A captive audience
    The only thing worst then being tied up is being forced to watch.
  10. RicoLouis

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    510: Twerk wars
    A new televison show puts big booty bimbos on a platform and has them twerk ass to ass with the rule that there hands must stay on there knees. First one to twerk the other bitch off is the winner and gets to rub it in the losers face. Literately.
  11. RicoLouis

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    511: Pinup Girls
    A couple decides to make some extra cash by making an erotic calendar of pin up girls. With each month of the calendar being a model literally pinned up in erotic bondage. December featuring a woman bound up in Christmas lights, November is a woman in cooking twine on table with an apple in her mouth. October is a woman hung-up like a scarecrow.
  12. wicker

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    512: The Investment Club. A group of women of various ages meet with an investment guru to start an investment club, but why is he pushing sex toys and prostitution?
  13. wicker

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    513: Celebrity Cuckqueans. Celebrity wives find themselves being cuckqueaned. Who's doing it: other female celebs, the maids, their husbands fan girls?
  14. RicoLouis

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    514: Step bi step.
    Two step sister begin to compete for the same guy but there sexual escapades soon lead to there rivalry turning heated.
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