AI as a tool in erotic writing

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    When I see raw unedited (or barely edited) AI output gathering likes on Chyoa it makes me sad.

    And no, I don't care if AI is being used or not, I just want... effort.
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    more or less sad than the chapters that are barely half a sentence ...

    I will never understand how a chapter that consists entirely of something like "and then harry potter appears" gets dozens of likes ... when it's a dead end and nothing else follows it. How? Why?
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    This one is easy. Many people treat likes as "I want to see it continued."
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    Even if the thread is older. I'll join in here.

    I mainly use AI to gather information. Mainly for the background in the story. For example, the structure of different systems. Assignments to different posts etc. Everything that I don't really notice in my day-to-day life or only know superficially.

    I also use it to accompany my stories with pictures. And I've noticed that things are developing rapidly. The AI that I use for my images has been given many new options that are currently helping me. Meanwhile, the images I get are also mostly acceptable. BUT there is also a lot of try and fail. This means that I sometimes create 20 different images until I get one that fits. Sometimes I don't get exactly what I want, but it still fits, even if it's not 100% anatomically correct. But you have to make compromises somewhere.

    I would like to draw this myself, but I really don't have the talent or the opportunity (neither time nor physically).

    When it comes to writing, however, I prefer to rely on my confused brain. It's all a mixture of things I've read or seen somewhere, or maybe even experienced. But I don't really have the talent to invent something new. I once tried out an AI that promised to give some hints but never got used to it. So i didnt followed it further. Who knows where AI will be in a few month or years.
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    If we talk writing, I expect AI to be on a decent pre-pro writer for simple plotlines and scenes. I don't expect AI to be able to write a truly coherent novel in this decade but "Write me a short story about father- daughter incest" will be better than most human writers very soon.

    Especially if someone will bother to invest in a storywriting model. Currently, big companies focus on either generic models or instruct models.
  6. I'll happily use AI for character images. I spend way too much time messing around on Midjourney with that. Regarding writing, usually I'll just use ChatGPT's DAN mode to randomise the results when I can't make a decision of which way to go.

    Or another example. My latest story uses elaborate fantasy-like traps as part of the ENF and sometimes I just have no ideas, so I'll just ask AI for a list of ideas. Sometimes they're good and sometimes they're not, but just chatting with the AI can get the creative juices flowing.
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    It's oft times more useful than a search engine for describing and clarifying clothing and other fashion. For example I am not completly fluent with just knowing the names of all styles of women's clothing, hair styles etc. I would recognise them if I saw them written down but I probably couldn't make a very decent long list if I had to write them down unprompted.

    Describing what I want to an AI is more useful than doing the same in Google search, which often will just direct you to an online clothing store rather than the specific item you want.

    Once the AI has given me the name of the item or haircut I can then search on Google to double check.

    Similarly for providing minor details like the menu at a restaurant.

    Inputting a description of a scene I have written and then asking what a character would be able to hear or smell is often useful for highlighting details you might otherwise miss or forget to put in.

    It can very quickly create lists of motivations for unusual things to have occured.

    For example lets say for some reason you need a man in a giant sports mascot suit to be loitering inside the lobby of the courthouse. The easiest explaination would be a protester of some kind.

    But if you say to an AI "give me a list of thirty reasons that X is happening..." you'll get the list in seconds and way quicker than a human. A lot of it will be junk but often there will be something that sparks the imagination. Worse comes to worst you can use your original idea.

    Essentially it is great for powering through the exhausting boring bits that often cause writers block for me and allow me to focus on the parts of writing I find interesting, like characters dialogue, their signficiant actions and on Chyoa the sexy time.

    I suspect as a species, humans in the 21st century very much have the technology to create an AI that can write a human level story. However there are social, cultural and economic barriers that are currently preventing that. Some are reasonable, some less so.

    Slightly off topic but related, Japan's porn industry has recently had some fairly restrictive legislation placed on it to do with allowing actresses the ability to prevent their scenes from being shown. In addition there is a massive crisis of new Japanese male pornstars not coming into the Industry (really...). This isn't the thread to debate the rights and wrongs of that, but I raise it as an example of where there is soon going to be a strong incentive for fairly large Adult Entertainment companies to invest in NSFW AI.

    (Also I recently read a best seller written in the past year or so, that had rave reviews. But it was so shit and got so much wrong about a particular topic that I genuinly, hand on heart, thought that a decent chunk of it was written by AI).
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    If by human-level story you mean something a novice writer could write I may agree even then I am not sure. If you think that AI can write professional novels... I don't think it is possible without actual Artificial Intelligence, a sentient and sapient being that actually understands the world instead of playing probability games with words.
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    I think currently filters are a massive issue in this regard. And not just sex stuff but the whole gamut of negative human emotions, violence and conflict that provides drama for a story. Combined with the fact that the people best able to train the AI (authors) would be training their competitors.

    Apart from that though I do wonder if it is just a million monkeys typing on a million keyboards and one of them will produce Shakespeare.

    You raise an interesting point about what is the threshold of quality that needs to be achieved.

    In some ways the term novice writer and professional author aren't that helpful. Like I say I have recently read a best seller that was really bad, and had repeated obvious mistakes in it that felt like AI hallucinations.

    (I'm not saying the name of the book because I do know it is quite divisive, some people love it as a page turner others absolutely hate it for being badly written. And I didn't want to start an argument about the book itself).
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    Well, here is what fresh Facebook's\Meta's 70B llama3 can do today.

    Write me a short erotic scene: oral sex, cheating, boss and secretary. Style should be vivid, slow, descriptive and romantic
    Here is a short erotic scene:

    As she sat in her chair, fingers drumming against the polished wood of her desk, Emily couldn't help but steal glances at her boss, Mr. Thompson, as he worked on his computer across from her. It was a typical Monday morning, with the sounds of keyboards clacking and printers humming in the background, but all she could focus on was the way his eyes crinkled at the corners when he concentrated.

    She had been his secretary for three years now, and it wasn't until six months ago that their professional relationship turned into something more. A stolen kiss in the supply closet during a late-night project had ignited a passion within them, one they struggled to keep hidden behind closed doors. But today, Emily felt restless, her body thrumming with anticipation. She knew exactly why – it was almost lunchtime, and she had plans.

    The clock ticked closer to noon, each minute crawling by like an eternity. Finally, the hour hand struck twelve, and Emily pushed back her chair, her heart skipping a beat as Mr. Thompson looked up, catching her gaze. For a moment, they just stared, the air thickening with unspoken promises. Without a word, he stood, his tall frame unfolding from behind the desk, and beckoned her to follow him.

    Emily's pulse quickened as she rose, smoothing out her pencil skirt and following him to the door. He locked it behind them, the soft click echoing through the deserted office corridor. They didn't need words; this ritual was familiar, comforting even. Hand in hand, they made their way to the executive bathroom, the only room with a lock and enough privacy for their clandestine affair.

    Inside, the fluorescent lights overhead cast an unforgiving glare, but Emily barely noticed. Her attention was fixed on Mr. Thompson's face, his features chiseled and strong as he leaned against the counter, his eyes burning with desire. She approached him slowly, her heels clicking on the tile floor, feeling like a siren luring her prey.

    "Today," he whispered, his voice low and husky, "I want you to take control."

    A shiver ran down her spine as she reached for his belt buckle, her fingers trembling slightly. This was new territory, but she was eager to explore. With deliberate slowness, she undid the leather strap, the sound of the metal releasing sending a thrill through her veins. His zipper followed, the rasp of fabric parting like a promise.

    Mr. Thompson's chest rose and fell with each breath, his pupils dilating as Emily freed him from his constraints. She wrapped her fingers around his length, marveling at the velvety smoothness, the weight of him in her palm. A bead of moisture glistened at the tip, and her mouth watered in response.

    Kneeling before him, Emily felt the cool tile beneath her knees, but her focus remained on the prize. She took her time, tracing the ridges and veins with her tongue, teasing him with gentle licks. Mr. Thompson's hands tangled in her hair, guiding her pace, but she resisted, wanting to savor every second.

    As she enveloped him, his groan filled the small space, a primal sound that sent shivers down her spine. Emily closed her eyes, letting the sensation wash over her – the taste, the texture, the power. Time melted away, leaving only the two of them, lost in this forbidden dance.

    Her lips moved in slow, languid strokes, drawing out his pleasure. Mr. Thompson's grip tightened, his hips subtly rocking forward, urging her deeper. The world narrowed to the point where their bodies connected, the only sound the soft suction and heavy breathing.

    In this stolen moment, nothing else mattered – not the risk of discovery, not the consequences of their affair, not the secrets they kept from prying colleagues. All that existed was the thrum of desire, the rush of adrenaline, and the tender intimacy they shared.

    With each passing heartbeat, Emily felt herself melting further into the experience, losing herself in the rhythm of their love. Mr. Thompson's fingers massaged her scalp, his touch feather-light, yet possessive. She moaned, the vibrations resonating through her entire being, as if her very soul hummed in harmony with his.

    Suddenly, he tensed, his body coiling tight. Emily sensed the approaching storm, her own excitement building in tandem. One final, lingering caress, and he surrendered, spilling himself into her waiting mouth. The salty sweetness flooded her senses, leaving her gasping, her vision blurry.

    For an eternal instant, they froze, suspended in the aftermath of their passion. Then, with a tender smile, Mr. Thompson helped Emily to her feet, his eyes never leaving hers. As they embraced, the tension dissipated, replaced by a sense of comfort, of belonging.

    Their foreheads touched, and Emily felt the flutter in her chest, the knowledge that this secret tryst was worth risking everything. In this hidden world, they were free to love, to crave, and to indulge – if only for a fleeting hour, hidden away from the rest of the world.

    As they broke apart, Mr. Thompson brushed a strand of hair behind her ear, his fingers grazing her skin. "You're incredible, Emily." The sincerity in his voice left her weak-kneed.

    "I'm yours," she replied, her whisper barely audible, yet loud enough to echo in her mind long after they returned to their duties, the memory of their illicit encounter simmering beneath the surface, waiting to boil over once more.

    Please let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with!

    IMO, it is better than what a random human with zero writing experience can produce following the same prompt. And also far worse than what a good erotica writer will do.

    But note that it is an incredibly easy task - common situation, primitive plot, only 2 characters, very short.

    Can future models scale it? Do rare situations, complex plots, multiple characters, novel size? I think not with the current technology. Mistakes, inconsistencies, and hallucinations will pile up. It is especially true with context size, coherent scene and 10 coherent scenes that make sense together are very different things.
    Some major breakthrough is needed, just improving LLMs won't be enough.
  11. The other issue is that AIs that can write scenes tend to just repeat the same words, descriptions, metaphors, and so forth. Play around with say jailbroken ChatGPT for a while and you'll soon spot the obvious patterns it uses.
  12. Hvast

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    Yes, when you make it write a long text it goes repetitive really fast. Far more repetitive than a good human writer.

    Sure, we can raise the temperature and the model will be less repetitive... but then it will hallucinate more.
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    As other people have said I mostly use ai for solo rp as sometimes it’s the only way to indulge in very specific scenarios!
    Maybe I’m just using the wrong bots though, but for longform writing, I have to say I really can’t stand the “voice” used by a lot of ai programs.
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    I think that makes a lot of sense. By nature, these AIs create output that is deeply average. The utter basics it'll get perfectly right: capitalization, punctuation, spelling, etc. Lots of people do have trouble with that, but for AIs like this it's trivial. But writing style is a much more subtle concept. An AI's writing style is essentially sourced by taking 0.0001% of the style of a million people and mashing it together, but what that gives you lowest-common-denominator grey slurry. Not bad, as such! But boring. Flat. Uninspired. That means that if you copy-paste a couple of sentences of AI output into your story, no one will ever notice. But if you copy whole chapters that kind of mediocrity sticks out like a sore thumb, and readers will instinctively pick up on that, even if they can't quite put it into words.

    Visual art doesn't have a "voice" like prose does, but the exact same thing happens there. Look at AI-generated images on, for example. If you never look at drawn porn, then it probably looks fine, assuming you ignore the occasional extra or missing finger (sidenote: notice how many of the images hide the hands). But after a hundred or a thousand images, you begin to get a sense of the fundamental sameyness that connects them all, even between very different prompts, tunings, and models.
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    It is right but not exactly. AI is capable of far more styles than we tend to see. But there is a default. If someone asks for "woman, blond, big tits, naked", AI will deliver exactly this, an averaged naked blond woman with big tits drawn in an averaged style of the model used. But actual complex prompts will produce far more varied results. And it is without more complex tools and methods.

    For text... Not only do you need a proper prompt: If you want to get something that close to the style you like. - EDIT outputs. Edit a lot. Eventually model will start outputting closer to what you want.

    Then again, once you go for sizes larger than 4K tokens, things start to break even if the context size is larger than that.
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