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    So I've seen a few stories posting art and I am wondering some things. Can I post pictures I don't own for concepts for characters? Title pages? It seems like I can but I would like it if someone confirmed or explained it to me.
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    I personally prefer that all images be credited to their artists or creators. I'd be especially wary of any source that warns others not to use their art for purposes like avatars, character representation, etc.
    But that said, realistically, I don't think there is anything stopping you from using almost anything with or without credit, everyone's doing it all the time. :rolleyes: I've never heard of anyone being come after for it.

    The only thing you do need to worry about from a practical standpoint is probably where the image is hosted, because the picture just flip offline. Used to be I'd recommend imgur for everything but nowadays if you put up nsfw materials there's a good chance it'll be taken down eventually, so you may want to use some of the solutions discussed in this topic:
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    Thank you, that seemed like the case so its good to have confirmation. I would absolutely credit the artist and link the file to their DA page where, if they took it down, I would respect their wishes. Thanks!
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    You could always commission art direct from an illustrator, like me! That way, you bypass any copyright issues because I will almost certainly agree to let you post it along with your story. My pics are mainly hosted at DeviantArt and HentaiFoundry, and I've never had any problems with links, as far as I know.

    You can see numerous samples of my work here: