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    Thank you. I add "Popular among the crew" if that is Okey?
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    Perfectly fine.
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    After debating, I went with the daughter because I felt like there would be more to actually do with her.
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    Name: Waltz
    Age: 35
    Sex: Male
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Type: Normals
    Race: Human
    Pre-crissis Occupation:Gangmember of The Red Constellation, Hitman

    Post-crissis Occupation:
    Leader of The Red Constellation.

    Gang Description: The Red Constellation is a feared Underground Gang which by now already has The structure of a organized Syndicate, often hired by wealthy Clients Like Politicians but also The Corrupt Police Force to Take Care of troublesome Individuals such as Nosy Journalists or Cops who cant be bought or to simply end a succesfull Campaign of a bothersome Politician. They recently also started Trading in Synthetic Drugs, using Properties and Buildings in their Territory or Provided by The Corrupt City Mayor. Most their Members we're Former Army Veterans which makes them highly capable in Firefights and the occasional Brawl on The Streets

    History: Waltz grew Up on The Downtown Streets of The City as an Orphan. His Father died in a foreign War while His Mother died in His Birth. He Ran oddjobs for several Gangs until peaking The still small Red Constellations Interest. From a small thug He Rose The Ranks and became Close with The Boss, seeing him as a Father. All that changed with Magic and creatures appearing in The City and Waltz getting more and more interested in their Powers and how it could make their little Gang into a Big and feared Organisation. Disagreements between Waltz and His Boss we're rising until one Day Waltz killed him in Single Combat after a failed Assassination attempts by The Boss. With everyone accepting The Outcome, Waltz lead The Red Constellation and 1 Years later made her The Feared Syndicate it is today with ties troughout The City.



    Desert Eagle: custom Made Out of pure Silver.

    Combat Dagger

    Wired Baseball bat.

    Cash: 500$ (currently on him)

    Ressources and Magic

    Red Constellation Members (400)
    The City Mayor
    Corrupt Police Force/Politicians
    Drug and Weapon Production


    The Former Boss Lieutenand. Despite having The Appearance of a Young Girl shes already 25 and has The highest Streak of Kills, earning her The Respect of seasoned Veterans within The Organization. Shes playfull, overconfident and smug, only taking Orders from Waltz. With her incredible Speed and Twin Daggers shes Dans Lieutenand and best Killer.


    Preferred Kinks: Blowjob, Rimjob, Talk during Sex, Doggystyle

    Banned Kinks:
    scat, diapers, Rape, BDSM.
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    Hey, just wanted to reassure you guys that this is still happening. I've come down with something that's got me really tired, but when I have a bit more energy we'll be starting.
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    Malphas, Alias: Michael Miller
    Age: 500+ years
    male (typically)
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Pre-Crisis Occupation:
    Cult Leader
    Post-Crisis Occupation: Bartender at Club Vortex
    Gang Description
    (If applicable): Not yet applicable. Probably a cult later...
    Malphas was a wildly powerful and dangerous devil and leader of one of the largest cults in his home world, largely due to his age and ability to quickly gain followers. He was among the strongest in a world full of such beings and groups. When a mysterious gateway opened on top of him, he was flung from his home and found himself in Ridgeport.

    Naked and alone, he found himself in a position he hadn't been in for centuries. Although he still had some of his powers, most of his abilities and magical aptitude were gone, and the powers that he did have were severely muted. However, he found the natives of this world to be rather weak-willed. He took on the alias of the most unassuming name he could find, "Michael Miller".

    His dark reddish skin, demon horns, and tail were hard to miss, but he had an easy escape. Many formerly humans grew similar features to otherworlders when exposed to the cataclysm. His appearance wasn't so alien that he could pass himself off as a half-blood in some, if not many, situations.

    He chose to bide his time and enjoy the world's pleasures. He took odd jobs and spent most of his time in clubs and mingling with the natives of this world. While visiting Club Vortex, a new Nightclub/stripclub for half-bloods, otherworlders, and humans fascinated with the occult...his appearance and calm personality managed to land a job as the bartender. He hoped that with time, his powers would return to him. However, his mere presence in the world slowly spreads his influence even without all of his power.


    Minorly addicting bodily fluids - In his home world, his mere presence had an intoxicating influence on those around him. Part of why he was so wildly dangerous at home was that those who came into contact with him couldn't get away. Now, in another world, this power has been severely muted. Whether it be his saliva, blood, semen, or sweat, any fluids that his body produces have a mild addicting quality to them. Those who come in contact with it find themselves yearning for more. Currently, the effects only last a short period, but as with all addictions...The more they partake, the more of an effect it has and the longer they remain addicted to him.

    Muted Shapeshifting - Although once able to transform into any bipedal humanoid form he wanted, once he arrived in Ridgeport, he discovered that he could only more or less shift between male and female versions of himself...and anything in between.

    Pyromancy - Malphas was extremely pleased to discover that at least his primary form of defense was still mostly intact. Although unable to control the sheer magnitude of flames he used to, Malphas was at least able to conjure flames, manipulate already existing flames, and touch normal fire without being burned.


    Preferred Kinks: going for a bit of slow corruption theme, mind-breaking others, domination of others, probably some Non-Consent/Reluctance/Forced, i guess probably some bimbofication with the addicting bodily fluids, eventually cult/cultists, worship, bondage, bdsm
    Banned Kinks:
    Pretty sure most of the things I have problems with are not things that come up in our RPG's. Gore, Scat, Diapers, amputation...

    My original vision for his character (Or Malphas Supreme) was a devil with extremely addicting body fluids, the ability to shapeshift into whatever humanoid form he wants, the ability to magically dominate the minds of others, pyromancy, and a cult that worships him instead of a gang.

    buuut i figured that was way too powerful of a character to start with. So instead of making that character, I decided that 'Malphas Supreme' would be the character that got yeeted instead and that his abilities were severely depreciated. So you can see that now he only has "Minorly addicting body fluids" and "Muted shapeshifting"...Mostly because I didn't really know how far would be too far. It seemed a bit unfair to be an Outworlder and then take shapeshifting to be able to become human and avoid the drawbacks of being an Outworlder...At least at first
    I didn't even give him a mind-influence ability at first. I had to choose and figured giving him some way to defend himself magically would be important.

    I figure as his body settles into the new world, his powers will slowly return. Perhaps his abilities run in D&D worship mechanics, and the more people he gets to worship/be addicted to him, the more power he'll have.
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    Thanks for the update.

    Take care of yourself.
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    (That wasn't supposed to be a seperate post, images were broken and trying to fix it apparently did it really fucked up trying to edit)
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    Are signups still available?
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    So, question for everyone here: does anyone have a gang they'd like me to join or should I play a free actor?
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    @Tjf , I'd like to roll an Intimidate to convince @GenericEditor168 to join the ABC... or else.

    Jokes aside, you do you friend. I'd be very interested to see what you'll come up with.
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    I'm fine with this if anyone's interested.

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    Sorry for being no contact for so long. Still planning to run this thing - it just feels like I'm drowning in work right now. I can see light at the end of the tunnel, though. My last assessment should be done around the end of next week, and I hope to have the first posts up around that time.
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    You could be a bouncer at Club Vortex if you were looking for character ideas.
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    So, you mean this week or the next one?
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    This week, I'm hoping. I was supposed to be finished yesterday but I'm having trouble getting my final assessment finished.
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    My work's all over! ...For like a month, lol.

    I'm probably just going to rest tomorrow, but despite being the most unreliable mf on the internet, I'm going to say Friday's the day for the first posts.
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    Wait - I thought I was the most unreliable mf on the internet!
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    It's finally begun! I'm going to be posting the intro posts slowly, but hopefully steadily.
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