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    A year ago, the city of Ridgeport was a quiet, unremarkable urban metropolis. Then, everything changed as gateways appeared in the streets, connected to another world. Strange, fantastic creatures began to cross the barrier into our world, as the city was flooded with an unnatural energy capable of elevating humans beyond their physical limits.

    Terrified that the phenomenon might spread, the government erected a massive barrier around the city limits, trapping the inhabitants inside, leaving them to their own devices. Now, the citizens of Ridgeport are on their own, trying to survive as empires are carved out by gangs and police, impossible creatures roam the street, and outsiders like journalists and treasure hunters sneak their way inside in search of profit and truth.


    Hey all. Sorry for the delay - I wanted to run this idea past people. Effectively, it's set in a city that's been cut off from the outside world by the government after a gateway is opened, and fantasy elements and magic begin to bleed into the real world.

    Players might be gang leaders, scientists, journalists, cops, or just people trying to survive.

    I have another idea to test out, but I'll see what people think about this, first.
  2. Omega98

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    I am so in.
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    I might want to try it out, been a while since games have really happened. But can't be sure if I'll think of anything that really interests me for doing it until I know more or the time comes.
  4. Regin34

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    Sounds intresting, but I'm curious what is about another idea.
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  5. moonblack

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    I'm interested, and even have an idea for a character (I just need to decide which version to use).
  6. Omega98

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    Would players be able to play as characters that have been brought into the world through the portal? Like elves, orcs, vampires, zombies, lizardmen and the like? "Creatures" just trying to find their way home?
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  7. Tjf

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  8. Impregmaniac

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    I am intrigued by how the politics will play out between all the rival gangs.

    Will PvP be a thing in this game? Or mainly PvE?
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  9. Tjf

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    So there doesn't tend to be a huge amount of player-player interaction in these, just because of time zones and schedules, but I'm not against it.
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  10. majus

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    If possible, I would join in.
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  11. Impregmaniac

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    Unfortunately, I don't have any character ideas right now, but if/when I do, I'd love to give this a shot.
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  12. Tjf

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    I have uni tomorrow and an assignment coming up on the weekend, so not sure when I'll get time to start this. In the meantime, wanted to see how people felt about an idea I had:

    So basically, the idea is that instead of playing non-human from the start, some human characters begin to slowly but progressively transform into a fantasy creature - elf or orc or whatever you please, the more time you spend near sources of magic, which also grant permanent buff. So you can use sources to gain power, but at the cost of visibly becoming less human.
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  13. moonblack

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    So we can start as a human with some minor magical powers, but additional powers come at the cost of becoming less human? Sure, that sounds fine to me.
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