Can I publish a story about "totally consensual" sex?

Discussion in 'Authors' Hangout' started by RapexPredator, Sep 17, 2023.

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    So I was wondering if it's appropriate/within the rules to write and publish a story about a group of "gentlemen" who go around "consensually fucking" all the "lovely ladies" that they meet and "seduce" during their fantasy world adventures. It would feature lots of things like:
    • waiting "in plain sight" on the country roads in order to "recuruit" hordes of "totally willing" "esteemed employees" at a "legal and respectable" brothel.
    • "being invited to" and arriving "openly" to a royal wedding, then "making gentle love to" the queen on her wedding night, "carressing" her neck, "fondling" her thighs and ass, making her twist her face in "pleasure", and "moan" in "ecstasy".
    • using magic to "impress" women into being "totally willingly fucked" by you, while their minds are "completely clear" and in a state "fit to make informed consent".
    I would be writing with something similar to the above style, as in using quotation marks for important keywords like that. And because I'm such a clumys writer who doesn't choose the best words for those important parts, I would set the quoted words as custom variables, so readers can set custom words that they feel would suit better. Would readers be able to see their own words, if they happened to pick a censored/banned word for their custom choices?

    Would the above be:
    1. within the site rules?
    2. ok for readers to customize their own words into the story without being censored?
    I only ask because I wanna figure out if this is the right platform for what I envision, before I sink time and effort into it.
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    You don't have to be so coy about it. :p Stories featuring non-consensual sex are allowed by the site rules, that's what the Power Play category is for. It just means your story is only visible to members with accounts over 1 month old. That's how the site is supposed to function, and I'd advise against abusing site features to work around this limit.

    Also, practically speaking, I don't think it's possible to have a story about consensual sex in which changing a dozen words turns it into a rape story that still makes sense.
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    Thanks for the response.

    Then as I understand it, non-con stories are fine, so long as they follow rules on violence, beastiality, etc., plus they are in the Power Play category.

    But what is the Power Play category? I don't see it in the categories along with sci-fi, fantasy, etc. Is it just the "Power Play" tag authors can put on stories??
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    Power Play category can't be seen from the main page. It is a hidden category. When you start writing your own story, you can select the Power Play category for it, but due to the new rules, people will have to jump a few hoops in order to even have access to the story.
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    I recommend not abusing Immersion variables to allow circumvention of the rules.
    As such variables are usually used in many chapters, it might lead to many locked chapters.
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