Conditions for numbers should have a "not-equal" option.

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    Because there is no "OR" function for conditions, if you need to have a not-equal you need to have two chapters (one with [ < ] and one with [ > ] ) if you need to show chapters where a value is not equal to a number.

    * I have two chapters with the same name
    * Chapter A leads to the good path when a value is equal to a number
    * Chapter A' leads to the bad path when the value is not-equal to the number

    I was able to solve it in my "Trapped in a Robotic House" story by just using [ < ] and letting chapters disappear as the reader progressed through the sequence. (see, for an example) It was fine, but the gameplay would have been more challenging if the chapters stayed and clicking on them would have a negative consequence.

    Thanks! Awesome site!!