Handling Boolean Unknowns

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by sipainting, Nov 20, 2023.

  1. sipainting

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    So, it's clear that Booleans can be "True" "False" and "undefined".

    Originally, I thought that all "undefined" also evaluated to "False" - but apparently that's not the case. Undefined != False.

    Therefore, I recommend having three buttons for checking booleans:

    [ CHECK-MARK ] [ X ] [ ? ]

    Where a user can check in the conditions for "undefined" booleans.

    FURTHER, I would recommend allowing for multiple buttons to be selected. In other words, you can select BOTH the [ X ] and the [ ? ] which would pass the condition if the boolean is EITHER [ X ] or [ ? ].


    Alternatively, the story could have a setting which says: "Treat all boolean unknowns as false"
  2. gene.sis

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    Well, if a variable isn't set, the respective statement or condition fails.
    This is the same behavior as with other variable types.