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    'I'm Victor, nice to meet you. I figured, I might as well... I'm new here, don't know many people on campus,' Victor nodded to Claudia as he picked out an appetising snack and paid for it.

    Snack in hand, he looked to Claudia as they went to the room, 'Ah, is this a party for staff?'
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    "Maybe not for you. Maybe she wants a real man." The thug chuckles. "If you ain't got the guts to go up against the boyfriend, maybe I should."
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    "No, that's a wonderful idea." Claudia smiles, afraid she caused offense. "Um, no, it's for anyone who wants to come, but it was thrown by some of the older first years like me. Most of the students here are so young, after all, so it can be a little alienating - we have to stick together, if you understand." Claudia blushes, looking a little embarrassed. "You're more than welcome, but if you'd rather not attend a party filled with people twice your age, I'll understand."
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    “I guess-” Sophia's words were interrupted by a yawn, “-it's time.” The younger blonde stretched, causing her breasts to shake a bit as she did. “I'll be sure to call regularly.” She promised as she fully woke up, sleep leaving her. That's when she noticed she was in the nude. “Help me get dressed?” She looked at the older woman questioningly, not bothering to cover up – it was too late for that.
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    Sophia's mother, never an easily shocked woman, doesn't seem at all bothered by the nudity. "Of course. What were you thinking of wearing?"
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    "Khhh." Aki lets out a hiss as her attempt at hiding her arousal was clearly failing. "Very well. And what time will this orientation take place?" She asked, trying to ignore his smirk, which made her blush even more. Once she knew how much time she had left for herself, Aki nods, "Thank you, I will be there. For now, I want to get used to my new room." She says, as she unlocks her door, and enters, before closing the door behind her locking the door once more. "Nnnh. Curses why... why is my body..." She shudders, taking off her coat, neatly folding it. And hanging it on a chair, before she rushes to the bed. Not even bothering to take off anything else. Aki attempts to calm her body down, "Khhh... for me to be doing something like this." She blushes, closing her eyes as she starts rubbing her drenched nylon-clad pussy.
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    His face scrounged. His fist immediately tightened.

    Don't do it. You'll get thrown out. He's trying to get you to throw the first punch. Just nod, take your drink, and walk away.

    He released his hand, opening his palm and relaxing his fist. He took the glass in his left hand, and took a long sip.

    Then it happened.

    Right for the bald bastard's nose.
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    'You're a first year too?' Victor looked at Claudia surprised, 'No, no, I get it. Different generations and all that.'

    Victor pondered for a moment, 'Well... I'm not the most sociable person at the best of times and being the only one my age at a party... I think it'd be a bit awkward.'

    'I think I'll pass for today, I'm sure I'll see you around for classes, though. Have fun at the party,' Victor looked at her apologetically.
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    “Hmm, I don't know...something that would be easy to move in, I think... Perhaps a stylish dress with a short skirt plus stockings? How does that sound?” Sophia suggested as she went to her dresser and started looking through her panties, trying to choose which pair to wear – she wasn't about to go commando on her first day in the new school, even if it had been fun to go without underwear the previous evening.
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    Tia nodded.

    "So there is a pecking order in teams, and I guess the best teams are most respected, right?" She asked as she judged the young man. "And you, what year are you? I guess it's not the first?"
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    Max is mildly concerned about the person talking to him, but for some reason, he feels like he can trust her. Not enough not to lie to her, but enough to have a conversation.

    "As soon as the vehicle stopped moving, they bailed. I had to make my own escape." He says to no one in particular.

    "But hey, you stopped them from taking me. So there's a plus, right? The name's Monsoon. I'm an up and coming hero. Who should I be thanking for getting me out of that jam?"
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    Magenta didn't want to let go of Mark's hand as he departed for the bar; there was a slight safety that she felt with him like other people in the club wouldn't try anything with her so long as he was near. But when he disappeared behind the crowd she felt adrift in a sea of people. For a minute she tried to keep her spot but there were so many people jostling around that she couldn't help but shift around. The tap on her shoulder nearly made her jump despite how many bodies kept bumping into her and she'd hoped that it was Mark who had returned but when she saw the waitress her heart fell a little. Then just as soon as she'd appeared she was gone leaving Magenta with a complimentary drink in her hand.

    Wanting to calm her nerves, the young woman downed the drink in one go. Although it was six times the volume of a shot glass Magenta didn't really want to be stuck holding a glass all night, and she also didn't want Mark to find her with a drink already in hand and think he'd wasted his time away from her. The liquor was sweet and went down her throat without much of a burning sensation. Absentmindedly Magenta thought she would have to figure out what that drink was so that she could find it again. Once the alcohol hit her stomach she felt a warm and giddy sensation quickly spread throughout her gut. She became aware of the beat of the bass, and the rhythm of the music and her body started to move in sync.

    Yes! her passenger stated. Feel the pulse, get out on the dance floor. Make yourself known.

    Without objection Magenta did as the spirit wished. Setting her empty glass down onto a cluttered table full of empties, Magenta stepped onto the crowded dance floor. Bodies smashed into her but she found the sensation pleasant, her eyes focused on the flashing neon and strobe lights loosing her awareness in the intermittent flashes and rhythmic sounds blasting from the speakers. She didn't know how but she found herself grinding her ass against the crotch of some stranger behind her while four of his friends surrounded her, their hands beginning to explore and take liberties with her body. But even this seemed only to serve to excite her.
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    "Orientation is all day, not really a set event. I'll see you later." The man nods, giving her one last up and down look before leaving, her rival going to her own room just next door, and leaving Aki finally alone.

    Lying down and rubbing herself through the thin garment, Aki tries to scratch her itch, but finds it's no use. No matter what she thinks about, the normal thoughts and scenarios that get her hot do nothing for her, and she's tormented by her inability to get herself off. Then, her mind drifts to her father's politician connection, and she feels a rush of pleasure. To her horror, as she thinks about his disgusting body over her, defiling a much younger woman, she finds that it's the only thing that's actually giving her relief and bringing her close to orgasm. She tries to think of men she used to find attractive - models and actors and her own boyfriend, but she finds her thoughts always drifting back to old, fat, sleazy men, and her pleasure skyrockets whenever she imagines her defiant attitude disappearing and becoming submissive as the sleazebags take their pleasure.
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    He feels a crunch as he breaks the thug's nose, the man reeling backwards with a spray of blood running down his mouth and chin. Lucas sees his companions look up in his peripheral vision, but he knows instinctively that they'll be useless for at least a few seconds - surprise will keep them frozen. "Motherfucker, get him!" The thug's companions are more prepared, and Lucas feels a pair of hands move under his armpits from behind, as someone goes to grab him.
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    "Oh, that's alright." The older woman gives a self-conscious nod, a little disappointed. "Yes, I'm sure I will. Have a nice night." She smiles, and heads to the party, leaving Victor alone in the hallway once more.
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    "Sounds cute." She nods, before heading to the wardrobe, picking something out as she makes idle conversation. "You know if you start dating someone, you have to bring them here for dinner immediately, right? I have to make sure they're worthy for my girl."
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    "Exactly, yeah. The top teams basically have the run of the place in their year levels." David nods. "Oh, me? Just a second year."
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    "We'll call it a team effort." In a burst of kinetic energy, a figure zooms in from the sky, landing on the road.
    "You're not hurt, are you? Name's Mikhaila - still working on a code name. You probably guessed, but I'm from the school."
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    He was a little taking off by they're being more than he expected, but wouldn't be the first time. He responded by staring to lower himself and move to grapple their right arm, aiming to unlock his arms to give a hard elbow to the person behind him's ribs.
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    Magenta feels like she belongs as she steps onto the dance floor, her body gyrating and rubbing up against the people near her, the thumping of the heavy bass music matching her heartbeat. As she attracts attention, she feels her 'dance partners' hands over her, some exploratory touches of her stomach and thighs leading to groping, rough fingers digging into the soft skin of her breasts and ass. Magenta suddenly becomes cognizant of how dark it is in here, lit only by the occasional strobe light, with the music obliterating any hope she'd be heard. She supposes it should be scary, but instead it feels freeing, like she could do whatever she wanted without consequence.

    "Yo, baby." One of the men groping her breathes in her ear. "I've got some Pheonix. Wanna fly?" Magenta recalls the designer drug, some kind of purified, super potent version of cocaine, named so due to the distinctive red appearance of the powder. Last time she was here, caught up in her attempt to stay undercover, she'd consumed some, and she remembers how good it had felt, how every nerve and synapse of her body came alive with pure ecstasy.

    And remember how all the shame went away... The passenger adds, reminding her that her Pheonix trip was the last time she hadn't felt guilt for her escapades, hadn't felt like a dirty slut - or at least like being a dirty slut wasn't something she should be ashamed of. Mark won't find you in this crowd. Won't know a thing.
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