Multidimensional slave company - interest check

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    "Ah, welcome Agent." You turned to look at the new arrival. What you saw was a face you saw in media before.

    "As you might have guessed, I am Nico Robin #94590670193. I shall be your guide." The woman bowed to you and you nodded your head as you gave your greetings. The woman smiled and started leading you to the Company's building.

    "Congratulation are in order for the acceptance of your application to the position of agent." Nico Robin started speaking. "As you know, the Company is a multidimensional corporation, which specialises in acquiring, training and selling slaves."

    As you made your way to the building you paused at the sight of a bound redhead, on her knees, eagerly blowing a passerby.

    "April O'neil slave." Nico noticed your interest. "The Company's PR section noticed that having a couple of slaves doing free work in front of our facilities is good for the company's PR. The job is usually given to recognisable but low-selling heroines. Just like April O'Neil here." Nico waved her hand at the redhead, who was now enthusiastically blowing the passerby, his dick going deep into her throat. "The heroines of the April O'Neil series are not that popular and there are thousands of them waiting to be sold, in the Company's storehouses. So this one is very enthusiastic about her job and does her best to meet the quotas. Especially when she knows that her failure will be punished harshly enough, to motivate the April O'Neil that will come after her, to be very enthusiastic about her job."

    You looked for a few more moments at the redhead, in a yellow jumpsuit, as she eagerly swallowed the entire load of cum. You then turned to follow Nico Robin.

    The duo entered the building, passing the reception, before entering the elevator.

    "As an agent, you will deal mostly with the acquisition of slaves. You will travel the dimensions and capture women for the company. The majority of agents focus on acquisition, but some also take part in either training or selling. Some in both." Nico Robin said as the door opened.

    "This is a floor for testing the common slaves. They are cheap and easy to capture. After capture, they are trained and their value is judged by Company's auditors." She waved her hand at the number of women bound and secured. There were panels with various information and marks next to them. "Depending on their performance, they are trained for more common tasks, like workers, builders, nurses, grunts, guards, soldiers, etc. Of course, all of them are also trained sex slaves. Those that perform poorly, are used for public use, milk slave farms, mines, experiments and so on. They usually don't last long." Nico Robin slapped the ass of one of the tied women, making her moan.

    You followed her as she reentered the elevator and Robin pushed the button of the higher floor.

    "You can gain some starting cash for these common women, but the real money starts with named characters, like me. Those who were mentioned in comics, books, anime, movies, etc. Those, they are worth much more, than nameless ones."

    The door opened and Robin exited the elevator and you followed her. Your eyes widened as the two of you entered a large hall. You stopped as you noticed rows upon rows of bound females.


    And not any females – you noticed Samara from 'Mass Effect', Snow White, Daphne and Velma from Scooby-doo, Cersei Lannister, Hermoine Granger... Nico Robin. Five Nico Robins, to be exact. All bound and packed on a trolley.

    Your head quickly snapped at your guide, and you quickly followed her. As you entered a corridor, your eyes were glued to a very recognizable woman who was pulled in the opposite direction.


    It was Wonder Woman!

    You looked at her in wonder, before quickly catching up. Your guide stopped in front of a glass. You looked through it and realised you were looking at another Wonder Woman. This one was bound to some kind of chair and fucked energetically by two men.


    "Once you capture a female, Comapny's Psychoanalysis Department will judge how the woman would be broken. Usually, the company's targets are submissive, so it's quite easy to train them. It just takes time, to condition them."

    You looked with fascination as the man behind Wonder Woman started thrusting his hips, fucking her pussy. The woman bit her lip and tried to glare. Then the man in front of her put his dick on her face and the looked she gave was a mix of disgust... and need. She turned her head, only for the man to grab her by the hair and shove his dick into her mouth. As he started fucking her mouth, his dick moving deep into her throat, her nipples hardened and despite herself, she started moving her body in a rather sensual and needy way...

    You swallowed and followed Robin to the next window. There, sitting bound in a chair, sat Major Makoto Kusanagi.


    She was covered in sweat, her thighs were shaking, and her breasts bouncing now and then.

    "Some, the more stubborn ones, require a little brainwashing... or more brainwashing." Robin explained. "Of course, Company has the best equipment!" Robin chuckled as she lead you to a small office with one desk, one chair and one computer.

    "At the beginning, you will be sent to a world of your choosing, or mix of any words you can think of. In the multiverse, any combination is possible. There, you will start the acquisition of merchandise for the Company. As you are new, and a human, it's hard to require you to take down Senju Tsunade or even Batwoman. That's why the company has prepared many powers, equipment and slaves that you could buy before you start... and at any later date." She pointed at the computer and you sat down. The screensaver was amusing if nothing else.


    "You catch and sell slaves, then get cash to buy bigger upgrades to take down bigger slaves. Of course, you can decide to keep any of captured slaves – you will be even given the ability to buy equipment or ability to secure their loyalty. It can range from brainwashing equipment to love potions. There are even abilities that would allow mind control. Now, open the file, using your login and password." Nico Robin smiled as you opened the file and started reading. You looked up only to freeze as you noticed her unzipping her jacket.


    "While you work, I will make sure you are comfortable. As Company's slave, it's my duty and you better get used to the perks, of your job." She said with a hot slur, as she crawled under the table. You gasped as you felt her warm tongue between your thighs... It took you moments to moan as you reached your peak, orgasmic pleasure flooding your body, and covering Robin's face with your sex juices. With a shudder of pleasure, you resumed looking through the things you could buy.

    You studied the documents, enjoying Nico Robin's lips, mouth and tongue, for the next couple of hours and orgasms. The database was incredibly large – not counting the possible slave you could buy, and the number of skills and powers available was staggering. If you thought of it, it was surely-


    You blinked as a popup message appeared on the screen.

    To all agents with access to Nico Robin. CP9 of Dimension AQZ-914 put offered a large bounty for Nico Robin. Any agent willing to sell their Nico Robin will be offered triple the price for her. Agents near Company's Nico Robin are required to submit the nearest Company's merchandise – you will be given a bonus for your actions.
    First come, first served.

    Acting quickly, I glanced at the desk, at Robin's identification and entered the text into the pop-up.

    Nico Robin #94590670193

    You waited for a few moments.

    A pop-up showed.

    Congratulations Agent! You were first!
    Please secure the merchandise and press the red button under this text.

    You looked with wonder as a pair of handcuffs appeared on the desk.

    You grabbed Nico Robin's hair and forced her to work quicker. It did not take her long to make you climax again. With a shudder of pleasure, you pulled her by the hair and pushed her against the desk. You hugged her, your hand sliding into her wet and wanting pussy. She arched as you started pleasuring her – in her state, it did not take long for you to make her reach her peak of pleasure. As she arched in orgasmic bliss, you quickly secured her hands with handcuffs behind her back, then click the pop-up.

    It took a few more moments to see her teleported away.

    Breathing heavily, high on adrenaline, you sat down and looked at your hand. It was still wet with Robin's sex juices. You licked your fingers... as you slowly settled down, you returned to looking through the documents, trying to decide on your build.

    After a couple of the next few hours, you decided to check on something. In the database, you typed:

    Nico Robin #94590670193

    The screen changed showing Nico Robin's #94590670193 biography, her history, abilities, pics of how she was captured, videos of her training, history of her service to the company, punishments, preferences... there was everything about her here. You blinked as you checked the latest entry: CP9 was satisfied with their purchase – and there was a video.


    Robin screamed orgasmically as following the man's instructions she used her own power to keep herself bound, while he fisted her. Pleasure, pain, humiliation and lust – Robin was all of that and more.

    Smiling, you looked forward to capturing your favourite character yourself~
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    It look intresting, but I can't promise that I would stay for long. It's shame for me, that I abound my last two rpg without saying world, so I can only said that I'm sorry for that.
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  3. majus

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    Don't worry :)
    You will play as much as you want - there are no obligations to stay. After all, RL takes priority~

    But yes, heads up about leaving, a pause in RP, would be appreciated :D
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    Looks fun
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  5. Hvast

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    How many players do you need to start?
  6. majus

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    I think I would start with three people interested in the RP.
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    Well, I hope there will be others interested, I see the potential for fun strategy and resource management elements)
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    Oh? Do expand on that~
    What do you have in mind?
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    Well, my core idea for career growth is to choose a world that has high profile well-known targets and ones that are easy or relatively easy to get but still somewhat valuable. And focus on acquiring tools for that world. Star Wars galaxy is one such place, ranging from some random Twi'leks to high-profile characters but there are others
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    To be fair I would like to be able to catch Ciri from the witcher 3 and Lara croft.
  11. majus

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    Well, you could go with either a pure world: Star Wars, Witcher, DC etc. Or go with a custom multiverse:
    Modern Hero planet with heroes from DC, Marvel, Lara Croft etc.; Space opera including Star wars with Asari from mass effect; Fantasy including Witcher, warcraft, Warhammer...

    After all, it's multiverse :)
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    I'm interested as well - sorry, thought I'd already posted.

    If it's a multiverse idea, then can the players capture different versions of various characters? For example, the classic and the reboot version of Lara Croft?
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    It's not usually my thing, and I'm incredibly constantly tired lately.

    Still, I'm always up for trying most things out for a little.

    Does this make the player characters canon characters too?(I can probably do something with that) or I'm unsure of what you're going with exactly here.
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    Will we be a team or competing agents?
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    Yup! And a number of them! It's possible to capture f.e. Lara from rebot version and five Lara's from original versions, then another three from rebots :)

    Players start of as normal people, who can buy powers/equipment/companions/etc.
    Anything that comes to mind. If they have enough, they could buy, f.e. Cryptonian powers. Maybe even posses wonder woman. But those are high powered targets, so it would cost some credits to actually buy.

    Hmm... maybe an NPC agents who compete aganist players, yes... there is a potential there. You probably will be able to choose this as an option at the beginning of the game.
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  16. Hvast

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    How do player characters get into the company? Are they all from our Earth?
  17. majus

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    I was thinking that they would start as humans, already on their first world to act.
    There will be several ways to jin the company: Recruitment from other agent, companion/slave whoes agent was killed and negottiated to become agent, child of slave who was deemed to be skilled enough to be given a chance, manager`s project, etc.
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  18. majus

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    Well, I finally prepared a character sheet. If you have questions, suggestions or see errors, let me know~

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    For those interested in tier characters I give you this link!

    The costs will be different, of course:
    Tier - tier of character
    Buy - how much it costs to buy slave from company
    Sell - how much is gained by selling slave to company
    Capture - how much player will get for capturing the character, but not selling slave

    Tier Buy Sell Capture
    T1 10 5 1
    T2 20 10 2
    T3 100 50 10
    T4 1000 500 50
    T5 5000 2000 200

    I will do rest later
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  20. Hvast

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    I am having a blast playing this and really like majus' GMing style, thus I recommend this game to everyone.
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