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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by airwreck, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. gene.sis

    gene.sis CHYOA Guru

    I removed the image from the chapter.
    You need to use a link to an image instead of dropping an image into the chapter.

    The links you've used in the chapter don't point to the image itself. You still need to get the direct image link that ends with an image extension. In your case, that's .png.
    So you need to right-click on the image and "Open image in new tab". Then you should see the image link in the address bar.
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  2. Thank you!
  3. CaptainPulse

    CaptainPulse Virgin

    I'm receiving notifications about this story calling it mine, despite the information page saying it rightfully is owned by someone else. It's also shown on my profile under my Stories tab. I'm not sure if this is a story bug or a bug on my account.
  4. Zekar

    Zekar Really Experienced

  5. Friedman

    Friedman Administrator

    Everything looks fine from my side. You're an author of the story and your chapters will be automatically approved. All your chapters are published.

    The author of the story added you as an editor. I removed you.
  6. 43V3R

    43V3R Virgin

    Hey, I'm getting a bad gateway on a chapter on mine. I believe it is a common bug with an issue with pics, can someone help fix it? It's a recent chapter, I appreciate it.
  7. gene.sis

    gene.sis CHYOA Guru

    I've removed the image you might refer to.
    (I've sent you a message.)
  8. Zekar

    Zekar Really Experienced

    I think another author approved the chapter. Very weird. As I didn’t have access to do so as an author for it.
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  9. gene.sis

    gene.sis CHYOA Guru

    As far as I know, the issue occurs when you have a chapter that is published but not yet approved by an owner/editor.
    If they then add you as an author, the chapter doesn't get published automatically.
    Then, there shouldn't be an option to approve the chapter for the author. It might also be that there isn't an option to approve the chapter for the story owner/editor. (I'm not sure about that.)

    A workaround for the author (with story role Author) would be to delete the chapter, restore the chapter (from the Recently Deleted page), and then publish the chapter again. That way, the chapter should go public immediately.
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  10. Zekar

    Zekar Really Experienced

    I’m not sure if that was the cause, I was already approved when I posted the chapter.
    But I’ll keep in mind of that workaround if it happens again.
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  11. vyksin

    vyksin Virgin CHYOA Backer

    This is SUPER minor as its only temporary and has a simple work around, but I've noticed an issue when attempting to link to chapters with customizable text in the title. I tried searching for similar issues here, but didn't see it spelled out this way, so thought I'd add it here for other's references and maybe a fix if its even worth it.

    If I create a chapter with title like "{firstname} did it" so it shows up as "John did it" to the user, if I then go to another chapter and try to create a link to it shortly after its creation, the title will not show up in the list. Even if I do sub search for 'did it', other chapters will show up, but not that one. However, if I go back and remove the customization (or create it without the customization) as explicitly "John did it", then go to link it, it finds it no problem (even with 'did it'). I can then actually go back to rename it to "{firstname} did it" and the linking system continues to work great (although it still won't show up in new link searches again).

    However, if I leave it as "{firstname} did it" for a few hours, it does show up in the search results eventually as "John did it". I imagine its something with the indexing filtering and some follow on process that eventually fixes it, but regardless, its a minor thing that's easily worked around with two methods:
    1. Create the chapter WITHOUT the customization before linking and then add the customization AFTER linking
    2. Or, just wait, you impatient git! The damn thing works eventually!
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  12. Friedman

    Friedman Administrator

    Thanks for letting me know, Vyksin! Much appreciated! :)
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  13. wicker

    wicker Really Really Experienced

    I notice the words "revenge" and "blackmail" don't show up when you search for a chapter. For example, if I title a chapter "revenge" or "blackmail," and someone adds to it, I get a notification "John Doe added Part 2 to chapter ." Just a period.
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  14. Unicornzvi

    Unicornzvi Virgin

    I noticed some stories I read are suddenly showing just "An error has occurred." below the chapter title. I can see the story map but that's all I see in all the chapters both new chapters I haven't read and old ones that were okay before. Examples:
    None of the links below the chapter title show up nor does the side panel describing the story.
  15. Friedman

    Friedman Administrator

    Thanks for your feedback! The problem should now be resolved.
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  16. CBandit

    CBandit Virgin


    I'm not quite sure if this is a bug, it likely isn't, but I can't find any resources or forum threads on this topic to explain why this is happening or how I can change it. My story only seems to be visible to members, and non-members cannot read it. If I log out whilst reading my story, it asks me to log back in if I want to read it. If I'm logged out and attempt to search the title of my story, I get 0 search results. This is disconcerting to say the least as I want as many people as possible to read my work and offer me feedback. This is the first story I've ever publicly published and I believe feedback is key at this stage in my hobby, so if anyone could offer so much as an explanation for why I'm in this situation, it would be much appreciated.

    Here's a link to the story in question:
  17. TheLowKing

    TheLowKing Really Really Experienced

    Stories in the Family category are only visible to logged in users. It's intended behaviour, a necessary evil.
  18. CBandit

    CBandit Virgin

    Is it possible to change the category of my story? How would one go about that?
  19. Friedman

    Friedman Administrator

    If it makes more sense in another category, just message me and I'll change the category. Alternatively, you can make the family a stepfamily and then we can change the category too.