Stars Unending: Interregnum - Interest Check

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    Humanity has spread to the stars, forming an empire of a thousand worlds. Each world is ruled by a noble house, kept in check from feuding and expanding by the watchful eye of the empress. But now the empress is dead, with no heirs.

    As the leader of a noble house and ruler of a planet, it's your time to forge alliances, plot and fight, as you expand your power - perhaps even taking the throne for yourself.


    I have one more idea besides this, but it's not concrete yet - I might save it for later.
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  2. Regin34

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    So basically it is Dune Rpg XD
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    I ripped Herbert off once - why not twice :D
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    This sounds neat, I might join if I can think of a character for it.
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    I'm interested, I just need to think of a character.
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    Unsure, but maybe. Not clear if this allows for alien characters or not, or just human.
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