The Tower of Voices Voting Thread

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  1. huginn

    huginn Experienced

    Poor Dreg. No fun for him.

    Repairing a robot is certainly not something we should repeat.

    Should we continue to the next stop an see what is waiting there or risk going outside the terminal for a quicklook?
  2. Gambio

    Gambio CHYOA Guru

    shouldn't the cloak of turbulent wave have protected Yulia from that attack?

    So no repairing robots for our own robot death squad eh? Pity

    I was definitely surprised that engin handed us Lemiel that easily. I mean I guess we could have already gained her last floor but that would have been a weakened version of her.

    also in regard to Dreg's comment...I was admittedly very tempted to request something engin would be uncomfortable with writing but generously decided against it, so don't give me any flak!

    But Gambio will remember this.

    You know what? Screw it lets go outside. I don't see the other stations having anything worthwile without us having to go outside so might as well start here.

    Lemiel, since you are part of the team now, mind giving us an overview as to what your spells do?

    Oh and if you could share what you learned from Dreg that would be sweet too.
  3. huginn

    huginn Experienced

    Ok, let's take a look outside and see what is going on there.
  4. TheLeherengin

    TheLeherengin Really Really Experienced

    Shit... You are correct, though fuck it I'm gonna fudge it and just say she was close enough it didn't work cause... reasons. I will remember in the future that long range stun attacks should not hit her.
  5. TheLeherengin

    TheLeherengin Really Really Experienced

  6. huginn

    huginn Experienced

    town square is likely to be more guarded than red light district, I think. So Yulia and her friends should start at the red light district. Unless someone thinks that poking the fleshy sack is a good idea.
  7. Gambio

    Gambio CHYOA Guru

    We probably shouldn't poke it but we can at least cast identify on it and see what we get. The fact that it is something organic in this higly techno setting strikes me as strange.

    This could be that other thing Dreg mentioned.

    The Red light district does currently intrigue me more. So yup we should go there next.

    Well, Sally is definitely a pervert but I like the cut of her jib.

    Also we need to restore the balance, so the next shameless, humiliating act that needs to be performed is definitely on Lri.
  8. Miss-Emmie

    Miss-Emmie Experienced

    The intended viewers are probably the party themselves. There’s an implicit threat that Sally has seen everything we’ve done on the floor, and will continue to do so. And the specific footage was likely a bit of psychological warfare.

    I don’t have strong feelings on our destination so I’ll agree on red light district, and also agree to identify the sac. Dreg mentioned they were also skilled in chemistry, so this plant was probably created by the denizens of the floor themselves.

    It’s also interesting that Yulia is the first Chosen to reach this part of the Tower. There’s only one exit from the previous floor, so the Tower decided to send us here for some reason. (I mean sure, Lehe might have just wanted to do a Sci Fi arc here rather than doing its own story, but having Yulia be the first Chosen here was a deliberate choice.) Dreg mentioned there are other technically advanced sections of the Tower, so why this one that hadn’t been entered before?
  9. TheLeherengin

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  10. Rrmuluson2

    Rrmuluson2 Virgin

    Well, well~
    Since they are prostitutes, you can set up fight however you want!
    Just pick who goes with which one, I bet they will agree if you suggest you want to have just one robot for two in case of goma and maybe Yulia since she's not great in melee combat.

    And if they aren't hostile since they aren't part of the network or they are just aren't hostile, you can have a bit of fun. They are made to provide pleasure after all and while they are durable to withstand all the sex, they can't be that strong.

    I bet they will just say their capabilities once you start talking about kinks, who prefers bigger partners, who wants a smaller one. Ask if they can do non-con, shocking, whipping. Do they have toys?

    And if it gets rough and fight breaks out, you can just defeat the one you are paired up with, then get out of the room, meet up with everyone and defeat the ones waiting outside.

    (Okay, I think I convinced them to split up. Your turn to make plan sound more credible. I bet these robots are absolute monsters in melee so with some good bad luck we will get at least one of the party members in sexy trouble ;P)
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  11. Miss-Emmie

    Miss-Emmie Experienced

    Usual first step, use Identify to see if they have any weaknesses or resistances we should watch out for.

    I think Lemiel has the right idea about playing along until they attack. I'd rather we not make the first move, even if they seem likely to attack. I think Lri should step up and try to make it seem like she's interested in purchasing services while everyone else keeps an eye on the other gynoids. Maybe try to offer up something like the gold bangles and ask what those could get you. Gold is valuable in many cultures for many reasons, and that should include this one. After all, machines of this complexity can use gold as a component in some of the most important parts. If we express interest in paying them maybe we can de-escalate this situation?

    In the likely scenario where we end up fighting them, here's what we should do: Goma, try to use Puppet again, although I suspect it won't work just as before it's good to test; after that blow the horn for everyone and be ready to apply healing. Cherchiel, Lemiel, and Isalia, put your backs to each other, keep Yulia in the center, and hold back the attackers. But be ready to spread out if they bust out some kind of area of effect attack. Yulia, give everyone an Energize, then a Blizzard, and then the usual barrage of offensive magic. Lri, strike between the tanks, providing a bit of extra muscle to each of them to help them hold back the crowd.

    We obviously can't do anything about it now, but when we have the chance I say we go back to that prison plant and free whoever is inside. Either it's someone who was recently captured, or it's someone being used as bait. Either way, I suspect the occupant would be alive, regardless of how much time has passed. Blizzard and some ice magic should be able to deal with the plant without causing too much harm to the occupant. And if we can free the (hopefully living) occupant, which is admittedly a big if, we can get more info about this floor. But again, fight first, just putting this here before I forget.
  12. Gambio

    Gambio CHYOA Guru

    yeah, splitting up the group ain't happening. Assuming these things have similiar properties as the last robots that's just asking for trouble.

    I think we should assume that the furry bots are controlled, or at least heavily influenced, by Sally, which sucks because we still need a bunnygirl robot on the team.

    Alright, Lri, you're up, throw yourself at the bunnygirl and act like you are very horny for her. To make this more believable, I want Goma to hit Lri with puppet and ramp up her arousal like crazy.

    While that's going on Yulia should subtly use identify on the bunny girl to see if we get some more intel.

    Unfortunately I don't think a fight is avoidable here. Lemiel might be key here we should make full use of her massive regen mana pool to use angelic rays and heal whoever needs it.

    Since these things are pleasure bots we probably should expect attacks to go in that direction, so Yulia's great cure should come in handy to deal with any unwanted status effects.

    Aside from that, I believe Emmie has covered everything.
  13. huginn

    huginn Experienced

    That sounds good. Though, I'd prefer to try to get to a private place with only one of the bots first before the fight commences.
  14. Rrmuluson2

    Rrmuluson2 Virgin

    Honestly. I want to point out that their group is big, very big. There are more than enough to run everyone down in open place like this. If they are just tough enough to close distance, they will be a huge pain to get away from. Since they don't seem to be armed, either they have special abilities up close or they are tanks with low damage output but great durability.

    Also there might be more around, hiding in the buildings. This is just asking to get swarmed.
  15. TheLeherengin

    TheLeherengin Really Really Experienced

  16. Gambio

    Gambio CHYOA Guru

    Lriiii you were supposed to seduce her! This is all your fault!

    I'm still against splitting up the group so as long as we can all follow Bunny girl I think that's fine.

    If it does come to a fight, well looks like lightning will come in handy here since she's fire and heat resistant. I imagine the same will be true for the other bots
  17. huginn

    huginn Experienced

    Looking at the statuses we have forgotten to heal Cherciel. That should probably be done that at the earliest convenience.

    I think everyone should follow the gynoid and see if we can afford her prises.