The Tower of Voices Voting Thread

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  1. Gambio

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    That's one hell of an offer.

    Problem is that I see many ways how this can end up badly for us. Accepting a game from Greg without knowing what's it about is just asking for trouble.

    Also, I hate to go all opportunistic on this, but Maple is not a team mate yet and losing that game might flat out screw us out of her services.

    I'm against it and vote to make another attempt at sneaking to engineering instead.
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  2. TheLeherengin

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  3. Remin

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    Ah crap!! I am late! Why nobody told me there was an option to hand that kitty out! Eh. Looks like I would be outvoted anyway... So what do we have?

    Okay folks. Do you think there is any danger here to you or Maple? Yes? Well then you are overreacting! Even if there is a door big enough to let that little assistant out, I doubt it's open and with those tentacles, that machine is not going anywhere.

    I bet it's a project that maple forgot about (again!). Either some kind of a helper to do stuff around workshop or just finished project. Unless it tries to drill a hole into kitty's head, she will be just fine. It stuffed her mouth with a tentacle so it's most likely non-lethal kind.

    I suggest just looking around the workshop. Maybe there will be some kind of electrical tool to disable it or whiteboard with it's capabilities listed and schematic?

    Attacking it might hit maple and you don't want it to sound an alarm of course! It's fairly safe inside the workshop, just learn more, cast identify, look for anything useful against it in the workshop.
  4. Miss-Emmie

    Miss-Emmie Experienced

    I doubt this is an experiment Maple forgot about. Sally knows we freed Maple, so she probably posted this thing as a guard in case we came here.

    It's interesting that the stasis slimes appeared shortly before Sally was finished. It could be a coincidence, but it could also be part of why Sally went mad with power?

    For combat: Step one, as always, Identify. Look for any obvious weaknesses, and double check if this one is immune to electricity like most of the others. I think our focus should be to pair Blizzard and Cloak to hide Yulia's location, and have her batter it with offensive magic. Lri, get in some hits when you can to activate the bleeding effect, but focus on using illusions to help cover Yulia's location. Stuff like making Yulia appear in another part of the room, or creating illusions of Icicle or other spells to confuse the robot.
  5. huginn

    huginn Experienced

    Appearance of slimes and Sally exceeding her original role coinciding is really worth keeping in mind.

    Checking the room for other possible threats while Yulia casts identify, without risking exposure, might be useful. Otherwise Miss-Emmie's plan appears reasonable.
  6. Gambio

    Gambio CHYOA Guru

    Alright, I think this chapter is pretty much confirmation that if we go through with Dreg's offer, we are losing Maple's assistance.

    Well, this isn't ideal.

    Identify to start out with obviously, and then I believe this is a situation were we have to go all out.

    Emmie has the most things covered already, so I add that we should Energize Lri and undermine the tentacle bot.

    Also, our attacks will probably injure Maple too, so Yulia will need to heal her.

    Identify 5%
    Energize 12%
    Undermine 12%
    Blizzard 2%
    Lightning strike 7%
    Fire ball 7%
    Force lance 7%
    Icicle 7%
    Heal 12%

    total 71%

    We should be good on the mana front

    In addition, I like to make use of our grenades, Lri, see if you can't get into a good position and shoot one at the disgusting things head. Actually, feel free to fire multiples. We can not afford to lose this fight.
  7. TheLeherengin

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  8. huginn

    huginn Experienced

    What Maple says makes this sound like we will have no realistic change to return here if we retreat now. Also if cloak is not working, our only choice would be to return to the train and hope that the cloak is effective again at our next attempt.

    So I think we should stick to the plan and let Maple do what she is doing.

    Also, let's do some housekeeping, Yulia, uncloak and recharge mana.

    What do you think, is lri's veil still effective?
  9. Gambio

    Gambio CHYOA Guru

    Another fight that was too close for comfort, but at least we made it.

    We're not getting anywhere by just running away, so yeah I'm for standing our ground.

    Yulia definitely needs to recharge her mana. If Cloaking won't do anything against the directive we probably won't have to bother with it.
  10. Remin

    Remin Experienced

    Oh wow. It's really getting downhill from here, isn't it?

    You are sitting in a room with single entrance, with a really dangerous bastard coming your way and you don't want to run?

    I don't know what to say! I would tease and mock you but what is the point if you stick heads into collars all on your own!

    Please do stay tho~ I will get my popcorn ready and my panties down for when you finally get snatched up and whipped into submission, hehehe!~ I love how everyone feels like they can pull it off with third of a party (sorry Maple, you are cute but you don't count as fighter).

    I am going to enjoy seeing Maple squirming under whips and tentacles~ My only regret is that I won't see more of those lovely gals after engin is done with violating them, hehehe~
  11. Miss-Emmie

    Miss-Emmie Experienced

    I’ll also vote in favor of holding the fort. We’re going to have to take a gamble at some point, and Maple thinks this is worth the risk.

    Since Energize is still up, Lri, could you please push the tentacle robot’s wreckage between Maple and the door? It could provide some cover. Also try to push the Jaspers towards the doorway, every second we can buy could make a difference.
  12. TheLeherengin

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  13. Miss-Emmie

    Miss-Emmie Experienced

    Let’s try to buy every second we can. Towards the end of the countdown, Lri, call out “Wait, I surrender!” Then, rather than decloaking, conjure an illusion of yourself and have it walk out with hands in the air.

    Yulia, Energize the two of you and get ready to fire the grenade launcher when they’re clumped together trying to get through the door. Use all of them. After that, it will simply be a matter of fending off the enemies as long as possible.
  14. huginn

    huginn Experienced

    First knock out the camera and other possible cameras inside the shop with Force Lance.

    Lri, after your first illusion has been disbanded, create new one, either before or after using the grenades depending on how the situation develops. of Yulia sneaking away.

    Yulia, after using the grenades, if the Predators are coming through the door, try to collapse outer wall above the door on them.
  15. Gambio

    Gambio CHYOA Guru

    Yulia can't energize herself, so that will only go on Lri

    Well, they aren't immune to magic besides electricity, so Yulia should still use her entire magic arsenal on them. I even say, screw it and cast undermine on each of them. Will cost a mana potion but this is not the time to be stingy.

    The grenades will be a must here, using them when they are trying to come through the door should allow for some massive damage.

    Other then that I agree with the other input here, the aim of this fight should be to delay the enemy as much as possible
  16. Remin

    Remin Experienced

    One tiny detail.
    They can morph any tools they want and need. I don't think they even need that doorway! They will just grow giant drills, saws and just walk through the wall.

    In all fairness, they don't even need to enter if they can grow tentacles too. They can just poke many, many holes and flood the room with shocking tentacles. Good luck trying to hit them with spells through a wall. I don't think anyone has x-ray, hehehe.

    I wonder if they can also grow tentacles out of tentacles since they are made out of the same thing their coating is made out of. Saw-tentacles, gun-tentacles.. Damn, that's so versatile, if pricy.
    I think you are fucked, Yulia, Lri, pet-kitty Maple~

    What you can do about it? I dunno! Scream, cry, beg for mercy? Tehehehehe!!
  17. TheLeherengin

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  18. Miss-Emmie

    Miss-Emmie Experienced

    Damn, if we’d strategized just a bit less, it would’ve been game over. If we’d been one tactic short, whether it’s the fake surrender or blinding the cameras, the DC would’ve been too high. Got through by the skin of our teeth.

    I think Yulia should take off the armor, heal herself and Lri, and then put it back on. Losing the magic is unfortunate, but barely any of it works on these enemies. So let’s just heal everyone up now, and then rely on Maple’s tech going forward.

    Beyond that, I don’t think we should raid the prison yet. At a minimum, Yulia and Lri need a bit of time to get used to this tech. Maybe we should go with my previous plan and check out the residential district? I think it’s the only area we haven’t looked at besides the ones where Sally and the Directive are based. We could also consider stepping out to meet up with Martin, see if we can use his help/facilities to make more equipment. Or improve the stuff we have.
  19. huginn

    huginn Experienced

    Yes, the planning was worth it here.

    I agree that healing everyone and putting armour on is the way here.
    Yulia could ask Maple about what she knows of Residential area and if Maple has any ides on improving our equipment without having to fight another unwinable fight. We also have the robots at Martens shop as resources, if Maple and Marten can make something of them.
  20. Remin

    Remin Experienced

    My, my.
    Stuff me with tentacles and call me a bimbo.

    You actually did it! And hey, sexy outfits too. You should totally strip nude Yulia, heheheh~

    I will cut you some slack this time, you earned it and barely got out of that unraped. I will be back with more teasing comments before you know it, Girls and Kittyy~