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    First, the site is amazing, and works amazingly well. Bravo to the team!!

    1. Add an "Are You Sure" verification when choosing to publish the story the first time.

    >> Twice I went to edit an unpublished story, then accidentally published it.
    >> Once this caused me to actually copy all of the text from the story to a notepad and then delete it, because it was not ready to be published.

    2. Conditions for numbers should have a "not-equal" option.

    [ < ][ > ][ = ][ ≠ ]

    >> Because there is no "OR" function for conditions, if you need to have a not-equal you need to have two chapters (one with [ < ] and one with [ > ] ) if you need to show chapters where a score is not equal to another.

    >> I was able to solve it in my "Trapped in a Robotic House" story by just using [ < ] and letting chapters go away as the reader progressed through the sequence. (see, for an example) It was fine, but the gameplay would have been more challenging if the chapters stayed and clicking on them would have a negative consequence.

    Thank you!
  2. An operator for NOT would be amazing, and simplify a lot of the pasta code I've had to write up.
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    Please post feature suggestions in the Suggestions subforum. (One suggestion per thread.)
    There, you can vote for suggestions by liking the first post of a suggestion.

    Might be useful.

    As a workaround, it is possible to delete the story and then restore it from the Recently Deleted list within 7 days. By restoring it, the content will be back in draft mode.
    Another way is to mark the story in a way that the reviewing moderator knows that you don't want your story to be published, so they would decline it instead.

    The option != seems rather narrow in scope as it might often be necessary to exclude more than a single value.

    It should not be necessary to copy content but rather add additional link chapters.
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    Thanks! I'll move these to Suggestions! Sorry for this newbie thread. Feel free to delete.