Married At Midnight

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Which New Character Would You Like To See Added As An Option?

  1. Irish-American Farmers Daughter in her Mid 20s (Bi)

  2. Male Asian-American Stock Broker in his 50s (Straight)

  3. Female Asian-American Stock Broker in her 30s (Lesbian)

  4. Male Native-American Former Ranch Hand In His 40s (Bi)

  5. Female Native-American Mother Of Two In Her 30s (Bi)

  6. Female African-American Former Grade School Teacher in her Mid-30s (Lesbian)

  7. Female African-American Former Gang Member in her early 20s (Straight)

  8. Male Generic Caucasian-American former Gang Member in his late-20s (Bi)

  9. Male Generic Caucasian-American former Cowboy in his late-40s (Straight)

  10. Someone Else. (Explained In Reply Bellow...)

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  1. Nemo of Utopia

    Nemo of Utopia Really Really Experienced CHYOA Backer

    Just last night I published my newest story, "Married At Midnight"

    I am hoping for some feedback on the tale and where people want to see me take it next. To facilitate this happening I have added the pole to this thread, asking what new character the readers would next like to see added to the story...
  2. Nemo of Utopia

    Nemo of Utopia Really Really Experienced CHYOA Backer

    Just a heads up to everyone, I am substantially restructuring both of the presently existing main storylines to add in more chapter breaks at key points. When that is done I will delete the old versions of the storyline and republish the content over time to give the story more of a chance to be seen and hopefully attract new authors...